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Stanhope Primary

cORE Values

At Stanhope, we place a great emphasis on our core values; respect, confidence, honesty, empathy and kindness.

These moral values guide our actions and the choices we make.

We endeavour to enable our pupils to leave Stanhope having achieved their academic potential and as well as preparing them to be responsible citizens of the modern world.

During our weekly assemblies, our pupils are celebrated for consistently acting as role models and successfully showcasing our core values. Once children have demonstrated a consistent commitment to acting in accordance with our core values, they are awarded with badges which they wear proudly on their blazers and school jumpers.


Everyone at our school:

  • Will be encouraged to have aspirations and ambitions to ‘dream big dreams’
  • Tries hard to show personal excellence
  • Will rely on their skills and strengths to take risks, make mistakes and embrace challenges
  • Believes in building a confident mindset.


Everyone at our school:

  • Recognises that honesty means always speaking and acting truthfully
  • Knows that an honest person does things that are morally right
  • Remembers that that honesty means that you act in a way that you know is the right thing


Everyone at our school:

  • Celebrates the differences and individuality of others
  • Recognises the value of listening to others and values their achievements
  • Treats others like they would like to be treated and is willing to show support and care to those that need it


Everyone at our school:

  • Thinks through their actions before they speak and know what they say can make a real difference to those around them
  • Spreads positivity and kindness wherever they go through their words and actions


Everyone at our school:

  • Recognises the feelings and emotions of others
  • Will be encouraged to find ways of supporting their peers
  • Will try their best to be in tune with everyone’s feelings