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Stanhope Primary

Why Choose Stanhope?

Why Us?

Our staff members are committed, patient, resilient, reliable and reflective. Our staff deliver quality teaching, hold their colleagues in high regard and display the highest level of professionalism. With honesty and care, our staff will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of excellence. They are scrupulously honest and act with integrity, deal with pupils, parents and staff with respect, demonstrate passion and pride, are prepared, punctual and polite, and make every day matter and every pupil count. If you are as extraordinary, and have the same skill set, we want to hear from you.

We’re passionate and committed to the development and education of our children.

Our young people are fearless, ambitious, positive, aware, compassionate, inquisitive, and use their mistakes to grow. They feel safe, have confidence to explore and share their ideas and take ownership of their own learning. Our pupils think of others before themselves and treat their peers with respect and honour. They take pride in their work and want to affect change within the world around them. With resilience and collaboration our pupils will tread the steps of success and become lifelong learners. They value every lesson and every day, respect themselves, each other and their community, are polite, prepared and demonstrate a sense of pride.

Our parents and our community

Our passionate network of parents is fully involved in supporting the school’s vision. Parents are responsible, realistic, and want the best for all our children. Parents are encouraged to support the work of the school and to work in partnership to maximise opportunities for staff and students.

That's why!